Minkowski geometry

Minkowski geometry
geometria Minkowskiego

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  • Minkowski's theorem — In mathematics, Minkowski s theorem is the statement that any convex set in Rn which is symmetric with respect to the origin and with volume greater than 2n d(L) contains a non zero lattice point. The theorem was proved by Hermann Minkowski in… …   Wikipedia

  • Geometry of numbers — In number theory, the geometry of numbers is a topic and method arising from the work of Hermann Minkowski, on the relationship between convex sets and lattices in n dimensional space. It has frequently been used in an auxiliary role in proofs,… …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski-Welt — Der Minkowski Raum, benannt nach Hermann Minkowski, ist ein vierdimensionaler Raum, in dem sich die Relativitätstheorie elegant formulieren lässt. Minkowski führte ihn im Jahre 1907 zur Beschreibung der speziellen Relativitätstheorie ein. Er wird …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • MINKOWSKI, HERMANN — (1864–1909), German mathematician. Minkowski, who was born in Alexoten, Lithuania, was taken to Koenigsberg, Germany, by his parents when he was eight years old. He held chairs of mathematics at Koenigsberg in 1895, Zurich in 1896, and in… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Minkowski addition — The red figure is the Minkowski sum of blue and green figures. In geometry, the Minkowski sum (also known as dilation) of two sets A and B in Euclidean space is the result of adding every element of …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski diagram — In the theory of relativity each observer assigns the event at A to a different time and location. The Minkowski diagram was developed in 1908 by Hermann Minkowski and provides an illustration of the properties of space and time in the special… …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski space — A diagram of Minkowski space, showing only two of the three spacelike dimensions. For spacetime graphics, see Minkowski diagram. In physics and mathematics, Minkowski space or Minkowski spacetime (named after the mathematician Hermann Minkowski)… …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski problem — In differential geometry, the Minkowski problem, named after Hermann Minkowski, asks, for a given strictly positive real function ƒ defined on sphere, for a strictly convex compact surface S whose Gaussian curvature at the point x equals ƒ(n(x)) …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski , Hermann — (1864–1909) Russian–German mathematician Minkowski was born at Alexotas in Russia to parents of German origin. In 1872 the family returned to Germany, settling in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad). Minkowski studied alongside David Hilbert at the… …   Scientists

  • Minkowski content — The Minkowski content of a set, or the boundary measure, is a basic concept in geometry and measure theory which generalizes to arbitrary measurable sets the notions of length of a smooth curve in the plane and area of a smooth surface in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Minkowski plane — In mathematics, the Minkowski plane (named after Hermann Minkowski) is a two dimensional affine space provided with a metric that is invariant under translations. Often one identifies the underlying affine space with the plane R2. With this… …   Wikipedia

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